The timeframe within which one should join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

The timeframe within which one should join the 2020 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare plans are highly useful for individuals who are suffering from some of the health issues and require treatment which is costly enough for them. It will help them to reduce their financial burden and have the best healthcare treatment for themselves. One should select the best optimum plan for that to ensure that they are able to get maximum benefits.

Each of the Medicare Supplement Plans is covering different benefits and are designed to meet the requirements of different kinds of individuals. A different subsection also exists in these plans which are covering individual benefits to the individual. One can have a look at them to identify which plans they should select and whether they will require add-on plans to that for increasing benefits.

Timeframe within which one should select a Medicare prescription drug plan

There are basically two ways of including the prescription drug plan. Each of those methods will include different benefits but are somehow related to each other. One way is to have Medicare policy with included drug coverage or you can select the complete Medicare prescription drug plan. It is completely dependent on the beneficiary about how they should select the plans.

Once you are changing from the drug coverage to the Medicare prescription plan, you can’t get back the drug coverage even if you still hold the same Medicare policy. It requires a careful examination of the benefits and the requirements which you are having. All these things will give you a clear insight about the respective plans which can work according to your requirement.

Even if you are willing to change over to the Medicare Prescription drug plan then it can only be done between 15th October – 7th December. This is applicable unless you have lost your Medicare policy. In that case, you will be eligible to get the Medicare Drug plan at the same time when you lose your policy. One should, therefore, be aware of the current status of their policy to ensure that they are either able to stick to their existing plan or eligible to change.


Thus, we can say that one can have the Medicare prescription drug plan during a specific time period. It will help in ensuring that they are able to easily change over to the Medicare Supplement Plan which best matches their requirements. Even it will help in getting the desired benefits from the plan which we have selected.