Some of the common illegal practices which are going on with regards to Medigap policies

Some of the common illegal practices which are going on with regards to 2020 Medigap policies

With the increase in cost incurred in medical treatment, there are a number of Medigap policies introduced. All of them are intended to help you with the financial cost which you might incur during your healthcare treatment. There are different formalities involved with getting different policies and the additional benefits which should be cleared before getting the Medicare Supplement Plan.

It is also important that you are aware of the different companies which are involved with the Medicare Supplement Plans. Even there are standardized prices for each of the policies. This information will help you to select the right plan with the maximum benefit which suits you. One can even look at the benefits which they offer and compare them with their requirement for right selection.

Common illegal practices

There are few of the illegal practices going on regarding the Medicare policies which are discussed here.

  1. Pressure to buy a policy
  2. Selling you a second policy when you already had one.
  3. They might sell you Medigap policy even when they know you have medicare advantage plan.
  4. Claiming about Medigap policy while client being part of the advantage plan.
  5. Claiming that the advantage plan is a part of the Medigap policy.
  6. Misusing certain authentic names, symbols, and even letters.
  7. Claiming to be representative of Medicare.

All these practices are illegal and should thereby not be supported. There are many individuals who are yet not aware of the ways in which they can be cheated by means of an illegal practice. Due to that, they are quite prone to get affected by these practices. Even many times this is resulting in a loss of money for these individuals.

Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2020One should take proactive actions against these kinds of practices to ensure that it doesn’t cause harm to any individual. People can be made aware of these practices and rules of the Medicare policies to keep them alert. Awareness will act as a major help to stop these kinds of practices to take place. It will even help in keeping the hard earned money of the people safe from such illegal people.


Thus, we can say that there are a few of the ways by which an individual can get indulged in illegal practices of Medicare. The only way to remain safe from that is to spread awareness about the rules which are involved with the Medicare policies. It will help them to remain alert about those restrictions while they are buying the policy themselves.

The timeframe within which one should join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

The timeframe within which one should join the 2020 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare plans are highly useful for individuals who are suffering from some of the health issues and require treatment which is costly enough for them. It will help them to reduce their financial burden and have the best healthcare treatment for themselves. One should select the best optimum plan for that to ensure that they are able to get maximum benefits.

Each of the Medicare Supplement Plans is covering different benefits and are designed to meet the requirements of different kinds of individuals. A different subsection also exists in these plans which are covering individual benefits to the individual. One can have a look at them to identify which plans they should select and whether they will require add-on plans to that for increasing benefits.

Timeframe within which one should select a Medicare prescription drug plan

There are basically two ways of including the prescription drug plan. Each of those methods will include different benefits but are somehow related to each other. One way is to have Medicare policy with included drug coverage or you can select the complete Medicare prescription drug plan. It is completely dependent on the beneficiary about how they should select the plans.

Once you are changing from the drug coverage to the Medicare prescription plan, you can’t get back the drug coverage even if you still hold the same Medicare policy. It requires a careful examination of the benefits and the requirements which you are having. All these things will give you a clear insight about the respective plans which can work according to your requirement.

Even if you are willing to change over to the Medicare Prescription drug plan then it can only be done between 15th October – 7th December. This is applicable unless you have lost your Medicare policy. In that case, you will be eligible to get the Medicare Drug plan at the same time when you lose your policy. One should, therefore, be aware of the current status of their policy to ensure that they are either able to stick to their existing plan or eligible to change.


Thus, we can say that one can have the Medicare prescription drug plan during a specific time period. It will help in ensuring that they are able to easily change over to the Medicare Supplement Plan which best matches their requirements. Even it will help in getting the desired benefits from the plan which we have selected.

A penalty for late joining the prescription drug coverage in your Medicare policy

A large number of Medicare coverage’s are available based on the requirement of the beneficiary. One should select that after going through a number of available plans which they can select. It will give them an upper hand over the selection of the plan which matches their requirement in the best possible manner. Even it will result in higher benefit to the individual who is selecting the policy.

Many different complications exist which one needs to take care while they are changing over the policy plan. All these things will require a complete study of the kinds of available plans and even about their own requirements. These both things should match to have the best selection of the plan for our future needs. It will help us to have the desired financial help while we are going through the healthcare treatment.

The penalty of joining late for the prescription drug coverage

Prescription drug coverage is a kind of additional benefit which is available in the Medicare Supplement Plans. It will help us to cover up the costs which are incurred in the prescription drugs. A large amount of cost which we incur in healthcare is from the prescription drugs. This will require even adding that to the policy which we have selected.

Few of the individuals don’t consider this as a serious matter. As a result, while purchasing the Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 at to save money.         They tend to think that either it is not required or they can purchase or add it to their policy later. In that case, one should have few of the things clear in order to know the issues which will be faced by them for late purchase of drug coverage in the Medicare policy.

If you have a Medicare policy which is not having creditable prescription drug coverage or you decide to join it later then you might have to pay a higher monthly premium. This penalty amount for joining late would tend to increase every month you pass for not joining the drug plan. When you get the penalty, it would be required to pay that till the time you have Medicare drug plan.


Thus, we can say that one should have prescription drug coverage with the Medicare policy itself. If you tend to get it later you would have to pay penalty for that. This penalty would increase every month you delay for taking the coverage. Even you would have to pay the penalty till the time you have your Medicare policy.

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan Pt. 1

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a 2019 Medicare Advantage Plan Pt. 1

It was an emotional meeting with a couple at their kitchen table while tears streamed down their faces. He was really sick, quickly losing weight due to digestive issues, and he had very painful migraine headaches, painful to the extent that his life seemed to end up being the only way to live without pain. To say that they are afraid would be an understatement. Doctors handling his current Medicare Part C were unable to diagnose the problem. They only prescribed more drugs, which aggravated his problems. In addition to his medical puzzle, the plan refused medical tests that might have diagnosed his problem. It was the month of October 2011; while crying, they inquired, “What are our options?”


In this case, we jointly decided that it was in his best interest to switch to a Medicare Supplement (MediGap) plan that would allow him to visit a facility or doctor that accepts Medicare, together with a “state of health.” Alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan. “It was important that he could find the best of the best anywhere in the country. We selected a Supplement Plan F and a carrier that would enable him to alter between a cheaper and an expensive cost plan without proof of insurability.  Find a 2019 advantage plan at

Could he avoid this problem at all? Absolutely. Here are some of the mistakes people make and the solutions to guide you in choosing the right option for YOU:

ERROR # 1: Who do you work with?

* Working with a “proprietary insurance agent” (direct employment with the carrier, often W2, commissions and / or bonuses) or working with an “independent career agent” (1099 contractors with the carrier and with leads supplied). The latter term can be really puzzling. They are considered to be independent, but if they apply to another insurance provider since it was lawful for the participant, the contract can be terminated at will. What incentive will the agent have if he loses his main source?

** Another mistake is working with an agent who is not certified to market all types of Medicare health plans. You can only market ‘some’ MediGap ‘complementary plans without certification.

*** Go directly to the insurer. If something goes sideways, it will be useful to have an advocate on your side, especially one that you can see and who lives and works in your locality.


*Select an independent insurance representative who represents more than one insurance carrier. Why? Because independent agents know the pros and cons of ALL plans and will be able to relay that information so that you can make a SELECTED choice. They receive compensation from the insurance carriers, but have no loyalty to a particular company. Also pay attention to carriers forcing their “independent agents” to sign an exclusive agreement. This usually happens with Medicaid / Medicare Plans or “Dual Eligible Plans”. Could the agent again be “non-partial” should he be contractually bound to market only one plan?

** Select a Medicare insurance agent who is certified and can market MediGap plans, Part C, and Part D plans. Also they have extra supervision and training.

Why Medicare Supplement Plans Is The Best Option For Senior Citizens?


Have you heard of Medicare supplement plans? It is widely known as Medigap which is offered by the private insurance companies to take care of the medical expenses of senior citizens. The Original Medicare does not cover deductibles, premiums and the copayments which is now covered under the Medigap plan.

There are 12 standardized plans available and each one of them some up with certain benefits. The plans are governed by the Federal and State Laws and so the coverage offered by every insurance company is same. But the companies can sell the plans at different prices. The standardized plan is actually known as the affordable insurance plan designed to give medical support to elder people.

Reasons to choose the Medicare Supplement Plans are found at

As you can get access to different types of plans, there is the opportunity to enjoy massive benefits through the plan. You can make informed decision when it comes to health coverage. Choose the plan that can provide with some extra coverage and fulfill your needs. There are different reasons to choose the Medicare Supplement Plans:

  • Renewable policies:

The standardized plans come along with guaranteed renewable facility. This means that the insurance companies don’t have the authority to cancel plan if you are making the payments. This also signifies that there is a facility for auto renewal every year.


Medicare supplement plans 2019

  • Doctors and hospitals under Medicare:

The policies can be used all over the country and you have the flexibility to get coverage under any hospitals and doctors. The plan would make sure that you get complete coverage when medical facility is needed.

  • Wide range of plans:

There are 12 standardized plans available from which you can make the choice depending on the interests and needs. The Medicare supplement policy covers all the medical expenses that are not covered under Original Medicare plan.

Control the monthly budget

Medicare supplement plans are known to be the standardized option and you need to pay the premium to get the facilities. You have the flexibility to choose a plan that comes with low premium cost and continue to make the payment. The comprehensive plan like the F comes along with higher premium rates and has the ability to eliminate all kind of other costs.

You have the chance of eliminate all kind of uncertainties related to unpredictable situations with the Medigap. There is a possibility of avoiding deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance amounts. The claim is settled in timely manner which gives confidence to elderly people to opt for such plan.


What Benefits Offered By Medicare Advantage Plans To People?

Can’t decide which medical insurance plan should you go for? You must have come across with Medicare advantage plans while making your choice for the policy. But, your lack of knowledge on different plans keeps you restricted from making a final choice. Medicare advantage is said to be a health insurance plan which is designed by the private insurance companies for people who are above or below 65 years of age.

The original Medicare plan though offers different health care services, but it has certain limitations. The traditional plan does not offer 100% coverage to people in case of medical expenses. But, the newly designed Medicare advantage which is also termed as Medigap allows paying the costs that is not covered by Medicare.

Benefits of the Medicare supplement plan 2019 are located here

There are few things that you should know while looking for the Medicare advantage plans:

  • Federally standardized plan:

The plans that falls under this category provide equal coverage. So, whichever company you choose for to get the plan, you can expect to receive the same level of coverage and benefits. It is advisable to look for a company which has a good reputation and long track records.

  • Flexible at any hospital and doctor nationwide:

Most of the insurance companies are network based, but it is not applicable when you opt for Medigap. The Medicare advantage plan gives you the opportunity to make use of the policy at any place within the country. Due to its flexible approach, the plan has become widely popular among people who travels at lot and can expect to get medical coverage in any part of the country.

  • Claims paid through “crossover” system:

You cannot expect any variation in claim settlement among insurance companies. Being a federally standardized policy, the claim is paid in timely manner and minimal involvement is expected from the insured.

Eligibility for Medicare advantage policy

Medicare advantage plans work only in relation with the other Medicare Plan. It is important have Part A and Part B plans to become eligible for Medigap. Your application would be approved only if you are 65 or above. But, is it acceptable to enroll for the policy at any time? It is important that you apply within 6 months of initial enrollment of Plan B under Medicare.

There are certain circumstances where the pre-existing conditions can be waived. To get complete clarity on the policy, you always have the chance to contact the insurance agents. As the policies cover a single person at a time, therefore, you need to get separate policy for your spouse.


Let Us Learn More about AARP Medicare Advantage Plans Today

Let Us Learn More about 2019 AARP Medicare Advantage Plans Today

Medicare advantage plans are making headway into medical insurance industry. With rising costs of Medicare, these plans have come to fill in the gaps in your general Mediclaim policy. It covers those parts, like copayments, coinsurance and deductibles which your general Mediclaim policy does not cover.

Copayments, Coinsurance and Deductibles

Let us find out more about these. Copayments are a sort of cost-sharing option between the insurance company and the policy holder. This is fixed on the basis of services like doctor visits, prescription drugs and such other kinds of services. For e.g. if $50 is mentioned as your agreed copayment fee, you need to pay that from your own pocket when you go to see the doctor.

Next comes coinsurance. It is a percentage of the total cost of medical service, which goes from your pocket. You can pay it right away, at the time of service or later during bill settlement.

Annual Deductible is the agreed amount that, you’re out of pocket expense in case of a medical crisis. All of these may be applicable to the same Medicare plan or different ones, as may be the case.

What services do copayments cover?

These cover your costs towards, non –preventive healthcare checkups, specialist appointments, prescription drugs, speech diagnosis and therapy, Counselling and ambulance services.

Another name for Medicare advantage plans is Medigap. It simply bridges the gaps between your general Mediclaim policies.

There are few things that you ought to remember about your Medigap plan:

  • You should have both Medicare Part A and B to get the benefits.
  • You should have a general Mediclaim policy.
  • All states through the US have standardized Medicare advantage plans, so you can purchase one from any of the private players.
  • These plans do not cover dental treatments, eye care of cosmetic variety and purchase of ocular accessories.

Beware the illegal activities surrounding Medicare advantage plans. You can take the help of law enforcement agencies, if you feel that you are been forced to purchase such plans from any private player or are lured towards other plans.

You should know that you cannot buy two such plans. Medicare Advantage plans and advantage plans are separate. If you have a Medicare Advantage plans, you cannot buy a advantage plan. You can buy it, if the date of effect starts after the advantage plan ends.

Please use your common sense, when going for such purchases. Look into all the legalities and seek assistance if required.


Find Out More about Medigap Plans and If They Are Worth the Cost

Mediclaim is very important in our lives nowadays. It can help in times of need. The rising medicals costs can take a toll on anybody’s pockets. Each and every person needs a Medigap policy at some point of their lives. It can be for himself or his parents or just about anyone. Medicare Supplement Plans cover up the gaps left behind by your normal Mediclaim policy.

General Mediclaim

Today, everyone has general Mediclaim handy. It covers 75-80% of your medical hospitalization costs. It is health insurance coverage tool that takes care of your hospitalization expenses in case of emergencies like accidents, surgery or illnesses. Individual Mediclaim is for people between the ages of 18-65 years and sometimes can stretch to 70 years. Now, you have the facility to buy and renew policies both offline and online.

Features of General Mediclaim

Your general Mediclaim policy can be insured for sums between 1 lacs to 10 Lacs. Pre-existing diseases are covered after 4 renewals. If you do not get hospitalized in one year, you also get bonus discount on the premium. You can get domiciliary expense re-imbursement also. Grace period of 30 days is allowed in many cases.

Various kinds of policies

You can have various kinds of policies like group Mediclaim, floater Mediclaim policy and individual Mediclaim policy. The 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans help to bridge the gaps left by these general Mediclaim.

There are ten different Medicare Supplement Plans which exist across U.S. today. You can choose from a variety of plans, depending on your budget and necessity. The best plan of this lot is Plan F.

It covers hospitalization, skilled nurses’ services, blood transfusion, foreign travel emergency and what not. It is on the higher side, with respect to premium. However, they are worth the penny that you spend.

Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized across all states in the U.S. The premium amount varies with different players in the market. You need to choose the best plan and something that can give you benefit.

The Medicare Supplement Plans are Plan A, B, C, D, F, G, N and so on. Plan A is the most basic and can give you ground-level coverage. You will need to answer queries on your health status, before getting enrolled in these plans.

In times of high cost, they have become a necessity. You cannot just avoid them. You need to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, holding the hands of medicare.





Are Medicare Supplement Plans a Waste of Money?


Some people feel you ought to have medicare coverage, whereas others feel otherwise. Till date, many people do not have any medical coverage. Some have not had the urgency to get one due to circumstances. Some have chosen not to go for a medical plan.

Are Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019 worth it?

This question may have crossed your mind, many a times. When the American aged population retires from their jobs, they realize that medicare is not free. That is a huge shock for them. If you are one of those who have never thought of investing in Part B, you will realize very soon that costs are simply huge.

You should definitely invest in good medicare plans for yourself and your family. The medicare plans are for individuals only. They are not for an entire family. You will have to purchase separate plans for each one of your family members.


Plan for everyone

There is a plan for everyone. There are ten different plans across all the states in the U.S. These medicare plans covers the gaps in your general Mediclaim policy. For e.g. your normal Mediclaim pays hospitalization benefits till 60 days. It is after this period that Medicare Supplement Plans start.

In Part B, You need to share costs for deductibles, like blood tests, X-Rays, medical equipment and such others. These are covered by these supplement plans.

Various plans have facilities to suit every pocket. You just need to choose the right one for yourself. Then there are open enrolment periods, during which you can enroll without being asked anything about your health.

Different medical insurance companies set their own rates. Please compare the plans before any purchase, to avoid getting cheated. Now, there is another type of plan called Medicare Advantage Plan. The most prevalent types are Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and such others.

At some places, you will also find Medicare PFFS plans. They have network hospitals in these plans, with which they are connected. One thing is to be kept in mind, is that you need to stay enrolled in general Mediclaim Part A and Part B. That is a prerequisite.

These plans ask only one health question. That is a plus point. So, now it is pretty clear to you if you need Medicare Supplement Plans or not.

You just need to choose the right one. That is half the work done.